From the ancient texts

Ragnarok, destiny of the gods

Destiny of the Gods

„A better burden can no man bear

on the way than wisdom;

Better than riches for a wretched man,

Far from his own home.“

- Odin from the sacred Havamal, verse 10

A unique deck of cards

Ragnarok –Destiny of the Gods is a new and unique edutainment card game, designed to make learning about the culture, mythology and society of the Viking age Norsemen easy and fun.

“Ragnarök – Destiny of the Gods” is the intellectual work of Reynir A. Óskarson a passionate researcher of Viking-age culture, society, and history. He was born and raised in Iceland, where this culture has been preserved better than perhaps any of the other northern lands.


He has been researching, testing, studying and teaching about the life of the Norsemen in the Viking age for over ten years, working with some of the world’s most knowledgeable minds on Viking culture. The underlying theme to all this work is the mindset and beliefs of the Norsemen.

From the ancient texts

The deck of cards contains sixty-five cards, representing most of the beings found in Norse mythology, some of them unexpected and peculiar. Each card holds a text telling the Saga specific to that being, and the general statistics of the being along with character trait points representing combat abilities, magical abilities, influence and mobility. All this information is taken directly from the ancient texts. This work is an intense labor of love with more than a year spent on going through the ancient texts with multiple experts lending a hand.


There are six different games to be played with this game, they are all dependant on your knowledge of the Norse myths. The easiest games for those not familiar with the myths And the more difficult games for those who are very knowledgeable about the myths. The more you play the more you learn the easier it is for you to play the more difficult games.


Ever wondered where the wind actually originates from? The eagle Hræsvelgr sits at the end of the world flapping his winds to create it.


Loki is the only father and mother in Norse mythology he fathered Narfi, Nari, Fenrir, Jormundgandr and Hel but mothered Odins steed Sleipnir.


Utgard Loki‘s elderly foster-mother is the only being to be able to wrestle the mighty Thor down to his knee.


Mjollnir has a strangely short haft, so short that it‘s best suited for one handed use. Loki in the form of a fly pestered the Dwarf smiths while making it, the end result was the short shaft.



"Ragnarok – Destiny of the Gods" is one of those rare games that entertains while it educates. You can't help but learn about the Norse myths while playing the game. Every card draws you deeper into these ancient stories about gods and giants and kings and trolls. The card deck can be used for a variety of games, offering challenging game play for both adult and young players.


Dr. William R. Short

Manager of Hurstwic LLC

Ragnarök – The destiny of the Gods. This card game is the who-is-who of the Viking gods. By playing, students become acquainted with the names and the main functions of the gods and their world and easily connect to that when confronted with allusions to the viking world in literature or daily life.


Peter Weiss

Director at University Centre of the WestFjords

The polytheistic world of our ancient mothers and fathers has remained largely closed off to us due to Christian misinterpretations. Heathenism was more open and liberal than the monotheist belief in an all good God and an all evil Satan. Good and evil were relative terms. Man was a part of nature and nature was personified in the various gods and spirits that lived in waterfalls, lakes, tree and cliffs - as can be seen in numerous names such as Goðafoss (waterfall of the gods). I highly recommend this informative and entertaining game of action, in a sea of otherwise misinterpreted or misinformed viking merchandise.


Eyvindur P. Eiríksson

Fmr assistant professor and the Gothi for Westfjords of Iceland

Ragnarok is a well designed card game where good entertainment and education are weaved together. You can play a number of games with the deck and everyone should be able to find a game that suits them. Ragnarok is not only entertaining as a game but also filled with knowledge about Norse gods, giants, trolls and spirits (or simply Norse mythology). The design of the cards is of high quality and all the text well done.


Ásdís Eva Hannesdóttir

Secretary General at Nordic Association

The passion that has been put into the design of the Ragnarök cards is present in every single line and image. The game is an excellent and entertaining learning tool for those interested in the Norse mythology, but even the well versed will find a surprising fact here and there. The difficulty of the games vary, so it is suited for a wide age group and different level of experience.


Kolbrún Lilja Kolbeinsdóttir

Manager at the Saga Museum

Ragnarok – Destiny of the Gods. I teach 14 students between the age of

17-22 years old taking courses on the life of Vikings at the Folkhigh school in Norway, Njordfjordeid. All my students are eager players when it comes to games, both traditional and electronic,and they all are very knowledgeable about the Viking-age. We tested all the games possible to play with Ragnarok – Destiny of the Gods. Conclusion:The easiest game is very well suited as an introduction game for the younger siblings of the students. In the easiest games you are introduces to the norse deities. It is an inspiration to read and know more or just use the cards as flashcards for the norse cosmology. The more difficult games is where your knowledge about norse mythology will be tested. We found nothing that wasn‘t taken directly from the ancient sources, Nothing was added for the sake of adding. I recommend this game wholehearted!


Stig Gunnar Myren

Organizer and teacher at the viking study program "Vikingliv" at Fjordane folk high school.

Learning about the mystical worldview of the viking age Norseman has never been so easy and fun before. Now it is available for all humans residing in Midgard. There is no need to sacrifice an eye like Odin for this sacred knowledge, it‘s just one click away.


Drink from the well of knowledge that is Ragnarok –Destiny of the Gods.




Deck of sixty five cards.


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