About the author

Reynir A. Óskarson is a passionate researcher of Viking-age culture, society, and history. He was born and raised in Iceland, where this culture has been preserved better than perhaps any of the other northern lands.

He along with his team Hurstwic under the leadership of Dr. William R. Short have been researching, testing, studying and teaching about the factual accuracy of the ancient Viking sagas, with special focus on combat.

Reynir and his team have done research that makes them leaders in this bizarre field. They’ve swam in chainmail, built turf houses, made a bowstring from human hair and so much more. The groups intentions are noble and honest, they seek facts and data as a scientist would in any other field.

It was in the teaching and the lectures that the card game Ragnarok -Destiny of the Gods was born. One aspect of their research is the mindset of the Norse people in the Viking age. It was clear that many aspects of the mindset of the Norse people in the Viking age were foreign to modern people or skewed by misinterpretations, or even just modern day authors changed version of the old myths.

Reynir has never been a person who lets something go when it’s on his mind. Having spent over a decade in researching, studying and testing, he is not only himself very knowledgeable but he also had access to some of the world’s most knowledgeable minds on Viking culture. These are the people he calls friends.

As with his research into the factual accuracy of the
Viking Sagas so with this game. Reynir was intent to
not let anything slip into the game that wasn’t taken
from the ancient sources, his demand to himself was
that the player get the same eye opening, entertaining
and adventurous experience that he did reading
the texts. He was forceful in letting the player see
through their own eyes and not his, to do so he had
the cards proofread by many experts urging them to
look for flaws to fix.