Ragnarok – Destiny of the Gods (English)




“Ragnarok – Destiny of the Gods”. This is a unique intellectual work of Reynir A. Óskarson made from original sources of Norse mythology.
The deck of card is designed as an edutainment deck of cards and a souvenir about Norse mythology, where the 65 cards describe all the main characters of the Norse mythology. In the deck, all the characters get points, showing their locations, influence, and power according to the original sources, and these points give people insight in how Nordic people saw the world in the age of the Vikings. It´s even possible to play out the events of Ragnarok as they appear in the ancient texts of Voluspa and Gylfaginning!
The game has won the hearts and minds of scholars and experts in Norse studies, Heathen Gothi’s, Officials of Scandinavian countries, school teachers and students to name a few.


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